Our Objective and the Path Forward

STACKTITAN was founded with the premise that industry deserves better. Whether that be better security solutions, better consulting, or better partners, we knew given our proven experience that we could help our customers achieve their goals. STACKTITAN is a consulting firm with it's roots in executing extremely customized adversarial simulations and has been doing so for almost a decade. We are also developers with a focus on delivering better methods to track vulnerabilities, malware research, command and control, and kill-chain theory. Most importantly, our team consists of operators that thrive in challenging environments with one unified mission, to succeed no matter the task.

Military Veteran Leadership

Our company is proudly founded and led by veterans of the United States Air Force and the United States Navy. We are committed to supporting and hiring our fellow veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Our Team

Chris Patten



Chris Patten has been practicing in the security industry for 25+ years in various capacities. The last decade has been spent consulting to a number of different commercial and government organizations on diverse security issues to include adversarial offensive techniques, threat hunting capabilities, and mitigation strategies. Chris spent his latest tenure leading one of North America's largest advanced adversarial teams.

Prior to formal consulting, Chris honorably served in the USAF supporting the warfighting effort. Chris actively served within the Department of Defense Special Operation’s Intelligence community at US-SOCOM consulting to Special Operations Groups on sensitive cyber warfare initiatives. Following Chris’ military service, he held lead architect positions at numerous Fortune 500 telecommunication companies working with partners in a research capacity.

Dan Kottmann



Dan Kottmann has played an integral role in the growth and development of the largest North American adversarial consultancy, directly influencing technical tradecraft, process efficiency, customer experience, and delivery quality. With 15 years of experience, Dan has dedicated nearly the entirety of his professional career to cross-industry, customer-direct consulting and consultancy development, primarily focused on information security and application delivery.

Dan has presented at various national and regional security conferences including DefCon, BlackHat Arsenal, DerbyCon, BSides, and more. Dan has a passion for software development and has created various open-source and proprietary applications, from simple command-line tools to complex 3-tier and cloud-based web applications.